Our Servant Leadership

shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you;not for shameful gain, but eagerly; not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock. And when the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.
— 1 PETER 5:2-4


Pastor/Elder Team

Dennis Cole - dpcole@snet.net

Jose Nieves - josenieves43@gmail.com

Peter O’Neill - contactoneills@gmail.com

Jeff Panasci - calamari2@sbcglobal.net

Joe Mascia - joemascia@gmail.com

Josh Plourde - jeuwsh1@yahoo.com

Gary Ross - gmichaelross@gmail.com

Joel Plourde - plourdejoel@yahoo.com

Steve Skystimas - sskystimas@gmail.com

Deacon Team

Michele Troisi - aunteemich@aol.com

Tom Fitzgerald - ftztom7046@aol.com

Dave Shadee - shadeedavid@gmail.com

Jose Cruz - cruz.33@yahoo.com

Bud Sempsrott - heybud67@aol.com

Val Schuster - veejays@att.net

Administrative Team

Peter O’Neill - contactoneills@gmail.com

Josh Plourde - jeuwsh1@yahoo.com

Joe Mascia - joemascia@gmail.com

Our History

Christ Church Fellowship is a multi-cultural, non-denominational community of believers located in central Waterbury, Connecticut. We are the result of a blending of more than three different groups of Christians, all committed to an authentic vision for a local expression of New Testament Church since initially coming together in September 1992. We grew from a small house church to nearly 8-years of meeting in local school auditoriums as Dayspring Christian Fellowship. In 1995 and again in 2003 we united with two other groups: Christians in Waterbury and Oasis Christian Community to become Riverbank in 2004. In 2010, a Bilingual group of believers known as Church for All Nations blended with us in answer to our long-term prayer, solidifying our heart for multi-cultural ministry. In 2019, our prayers for a refreshed vision, and our continual desire for unity inspired the blending with another long standing local church - Christ Church of Wolcott. Their commitment to intimate and inspirational Christ-centered worship along with fruitful and active community outreach has helped to create a mosaic of cross cultural church expression in a dynamic representation of the City of Waterbury, where we serve and worship.

The place where we worship was purchased from a local humanitarian and business owner in 2001. Formerly an old landmark building built on this site in Waterbury in 1912 - the building was erected on the banks of the Naugatuck River. which flows and winds across the Naugatuck Valley touching several Connecticut towns. The building remained standing and functional even after being battered and beaten by the devastating Flood of 1955. The river has been a wasted resource in the past, but in recent years has seen revitalization of this natural resource throughout the valley. Along the river we continue to see programs for development and improvement, including clean water projects and recreational nature walking trails along the riverside.

Our Name

“Jesus is Lord and Chief Shepherd among us, and the only central figure we wish to elevate. He alone is worthy of our worship and occupies first place in our community of believers.”

In 2019 as part of our merger and re-visioning, the name Christ Church Fellowship was adopted. This name more deliberately aligns with what we have believed, valued, and prioritized for nearly three decades. It more distinctly highlights our primary core values, pointing to Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything else - elevating Christ as the Chief Shepherd of His Church; and underscoring relational fellowship - which in fact is the very reason why we can freely blend and can openly fellowship together in unity. Our collective priority is to proclaim Jesus Christ as the true Head of His church. It simply makes sense; it provides unmistakable clarity; and is distinctly rich in depth and truth as we emphasize New Testament Church life, fellowship, and doctrine today.

Proclaiming Jesus Christ as Head of His Church!

Christ - we are a Christian ministry where we proclaim Jesus Christ as Chief Shepherd and Lord of all

Church - we are a local Christian Church expression for whom our Lord faithfully surrendered His life and sent His promised Spirit to build and equip for service

Fellowship - we are body of believers joined together in authentic relationship through the fellowship of the Spirit in the unity of the faith


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